Cassette to MP3 Conversion Device

Our cassette to MP3 devices allows you to convert cassette tapes to MP3 music files. You can then transfer the files to a USB flash drive or burn to a CD. Bring your own CD or flash drive, or you can purchase a CD for $1 or a USB flash drive for $10 at the Library.

The devices are avaible at the Digital Services Desk for in-library use only. If you need help, the Digital Services Assistant can give you a brief tutorial on how to use the device.


Convert Cassette to MP3
STEP 1: Plug tape player into computer.
STEP 2: Insert cassette and rewind fully.
STEP 3: Open the Audacity and VUMeter programs.
When opening Audacity you want to make sure the far left setting (located under play/pause) is set to Windows WASAPI, it will not record otherwise.
Audacity Toolbar
STEP 4: Click record button on Audacity, followed by play on tape player.
STEP 5: Allow tape to play through song/recording.
STEP 6: Once song is finished push stop on tape player followed by stop on Audacity.
STEP 7: Listen to playback while adjusting volume.
You want the needle to be at about 0dB, adjust volume accordingly, if you want more than one song adjust volume so all songs are at about the same volume.
STEP 8: To save file; Click on FileExportExport File as MP3.  Save to ‘Music’ folder on computer.

Burning to Disc (Windows Operating System)
STEP 1: Insert blank CD.
STEP 2: Open Windows Media Player.
STEP 3: Select Burn on the top right of the screen.
STEP 4: Songs in your ‘Music’ folder on your computer should display. Drag song(s) to be burned to right panel.
STEP 5: Press Start to burn to CD.
STEP 6: Eject disc and enjoy!